Single Girder Overhead Traveling cranes

Our single grid overhead cranes have a proven track record of quality, performance and sustainability for a longer duration of time. It has a single box girder with the hoist unit running on the lower flange. Our EOT Cranes are dimensionally accurate and used in diverse industrial applications for material handling purposes. These cranes have the capacity range from 0.5 ton to 50 tons.

Double Girder Overhead traveling Cranes

The key characteristic of double girder cranes is that it offers excellent hook weight. These are heavy duty cranes normally used for large scale manufacturers, heavy weight material lifting etc. These cranes are available with single/double hoists, pendant, motor drives etc. It has the capacity up to 100 tons. The girder span is approximately 40 meters.

Jib Cranes

We supply self supported and bracket mounted type Jib Cranes having a capacity 250 Kg to 10 Tons. The jib is available fully motorized including the slew or a combination of manual or motorized motions. Jib cranes can be up to 6 meters in length, with a slewing range of up to 360 degrees. Jib cranes are ideal for where there is insufficient space for overhead travelling cranes.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry Cranes are most suitable for outdoor material handling applications. We are the manufacturers of single girder gantry crane, double girder gantry cranes and high lift gantry crane etc. Gantry cranes are ideal for use in aircraft field, Construction sites, Workshops, automotive, Ports, harbors and marine repair shops.

Goods Lifts/Freight Lifts

Freight lifts or goods lifts are designed to vertically move the freights. This has powerful hoisting machine combined with smooth moving to safely lift the materials. These are mainly used in food, pharma, garments, packaging industries.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist

We manufacture electric hoists that are rugged in construction and used for material handling requirements. Electric Wire Rope Hoists are suitable for Medium and Heavy duty applications. The load capacity varies from 0.25 tons to 10 tons.


We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of monorail cranes in India. The cranes have extensive application in the construction, material handling and packing and moving industries. Monorails can be either suspended from existing building steelwork or completely free standing.

Other Products

We also manufacture other material handling equipments such as Winch, Loading Trollies etc.